Friday, November 4, 2011

New adjustment and the end of hunger pains... I hope

I'm a little frustrated because I am still at 347. Now I am quite bloated this morning. I can tell because my home scale weigh -in should have been better and I took my lasix (water pill) this morning and I have already peed like four times and it's only 8am.

On the 2nd of November I had an early adjustment in  the aperture of the band. They added one more cc. I'm sure I am at at least 5cc or maybe 6cc. I got a little confused by the doctors notes from the previous saline addition. Nonetheless, it seems to have worked. My food is staying in place above the ring and water only trickles through. I have to be careful with my meds because I could easily get them stuck and then I would have to wait until they dissolved.

So now I am sticking to the 1/4 cup rule three times a day. I really want to kick this weight loss up a notch. Last night I measured out exactly 1/4 cup of marinaded chicken bits and they stayed in place until I started sipping water. The idea is to keep the food above the ring so your body (stomach) stops creating the acid that makes you hungry. My biggest foe has been my raging appetite. If I can rid myself of the physical and mental hunger than I can lose the appropriate amount of weight.

This morning I made a scrambled egg with some ham bits and a pinch of cheese. When I measured it, it was too much by two times. So I divided it and I will have the rest for lunch. One egg is too much. It surprised me too.

My estimates of loss were too optimistic. I think I can weight 330 by November 21st. In December I should be able to lose at least 15 pounds, so I should finish the year at 315. If I only lose 10 pounds per month then I should around 290 to 280 by my birthday. At that point I really won't be that freaked out by slower weight loss. After all, at 280 by March 19th would be an overall lose of 130 pounds. I would settle for 120.

The best part of this weight loss tool is that I shouldn't ever gain the weight back. Life changer.

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