Friday, October 28, 2011

November 21 goal expectation

Today I weighed in at 347 pounds. I started at 413 on August 3rd. Clothes adjustment three pounds. Total weight loss at this point 63 pounds. That's 86 days with an average of .75 pounds lost per day.

I would like to lose 25 pounds by November 21st. Roughly, that's one pound a day. I should weigh in at 322 by my flight to NYC. Remember; seats are only 17" across. I won't be bouncing around the seat, but I should fit.

November 4th = 340
November 8th = 335
November 12th = 330
November 16th = 325
November 20th = 320
November 21st = enough to fit in seat I hope

How will I get there? Serious diet control and 2 miles five times a week.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I still lost weight!

I thought I totally screwed up the last month. While I was running back and forth from Arkansas, I thought over the three weeks I had blown my diet. I could barely feel the band, but I do now. The last adjustment was great, but still I thought I was doing poorly. I had a lot of trouble breaking the hunger feelings.

However, I was just updating the site and I have lost 17 pounds since September 26th! I bet I can lose another 3 pounds in the next few days. That would basically be 20 pounds on a crappy month. Pretty cool. I'm happy, but I really need to lose a fast 20 to 30 pounds before the 21st of November. I have a three and a half hour flight to NYC and the seats are only 17 inches across. Even with 30 pounds lost it will be tight, but nothing like it would be today.

My exercise schedule went a bit off kilter, but I've still been in the gym three times during the week and at least one if not two mountain hikes a weekend. We go on this path that is a challenging climb of about 500 feet and then back down and up some more (2 miles). I think I was doing the course at about one and a half hours four or five weeks ago, but I get better each time. This Saturday I tried to go faster than I ever had. My goal was one hour. I did it in 53 minutes. And I was seriously sore, but I went to the gym on Sunday anyway. All I did was jog /walk fast for 30 minutes and I reached my goal of two miles. I thought I would be super sore today, but I feel better than I did on Saturday night.

In order to lose the goal weight I need to exercise everyday. I ran out of time to get to the gym today so I raked the backyard. I didn't even break a sweat. Tomorrow I must get to the gym. Besides, we are supposed to have a snow storm on Wednesday. Today it was 79 degrees. Colorado weather is weird.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The last lapband adjustment worked

The surgeon had injected saline fluid twice before, but he was being conservative. However, on my last appointment on October 14, I asked for some real liquid. At first he must have added 5cc because when I took a test drink of water it hurt very much. So then he backed it off just a bit and the next water test indeed drained. So we left it there because I'm tired of not feeling it.

Okay. I feel it now. I can only take sips of water and I really have to chew up my food. In addition, I must keep to the 1/4 cup rule because they is simply no more room than that. I just ate a small bit of chicken that couldn't have been more than 1/4 cup, but it hurt my chest anyway. The chicken did the same thing last night when I actually measured it. I guess some foods hurt but don't make you throw it back up. I have eaten too fast. Either way, ouch.

I think I will be able to lose weight at a rapid rate now. I need some quick weight loss before my trip in NYC. The seats are only 17 inches across and I am a bit more. I think if I lose 25-30 before the trip, I shouldbe more comfortable.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To lose or not to lose

The day that my father-in-law had his first stroke I was on track to lose another spectacular amount of weight. We took off that evening to Arkansas and I ate like crap. You know; highway food and snacks to keep me awake. After two more round trips to Arkansas I couldn't feel the obstruction of the lapband. Actually, I can't remember feeling it even after the last surgeon appointment where he added saline to my ring.

Basically what happened was I ate what I shouldn't have when I shouldn't have. It was like a lap band vacation. Granted, the stress and sorrow were near overwhelming as he took his last breath on September 30th, his 69th birthday, but I should have tried harder.

Part of my complaint shortly after my last surgeon appointment was that I felt hungry. Like mad dog hungry. I think if I had stayed at home and in my gym everyday I still could have lost 20 more pounds, but I didn't. I guess I should cut myself some slack considering the unusual circumstances, but I remain disappointed that I will have lost only 10 pounds in the last month.

I need to fly to NYC on November 21 on business and it is a four hour flight from Denver. The seats in United Airlines economy section are only 17 inches across. First class only has three more inches, but we can't worry about that. I can't afford it. So I found a chair in the house that was 17 inches across and I could shoe horn my way in, but it would be very uncomfortable like my last trip to NYC.

This Friday I have another appointment and hopefully I can get him to inject a good amount of saline so I can feel it. I'am sure I would be more comfortable if I lost 20 to 30 pounds before my trip. Yes, 30 pounds. That's my goal.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My father-in-law past on

In the past three weeks I have driven 1,000 miles (one way) to Arkansas because my father-in-law had a stroke and then had more strokes the one day that we had returned home and we went back. This time it was for his funeral. In all, I drove 7,000 miles (11,260 km) in the last month.

The trips and time spent in pure stress have wreaked havoc on my diet and my bipolar disorder. I ate like crap and I don't feel any "lap band" resistance so I didn't lose weight! I'm lucky that I didn't gain weight.

Anyway, we got in from Booneville Arkansas to our home in Lakewood Colorado around 2:30am. I drove a one hundred miles out of Boonville and then let my wife drive so I could nap in preparation for my marathon drive through the night so she could sleep and be ready to get up at 5am for work.

I completely trash my body. During the last 250 miles I felt like shit. I was nauseous and my spleen and liver hurt like crazy. I had to stop once because I was sure that I was going to vomit. Once I arrived home I was shaking and I had a fever. Nasty nasty nasty. I felt so bad I couldn't believe it. I slept until 1:30pm and then went back to sleep for another nap and now I'm ready for some more sleep. The stress and the drives have kicked my butt. I'm sorry to say that I am glad I don't have to make that drive again for a very long time and under different circumstances.

Checking out for a much needed third sleep.