Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The last lapband adjustment worked

The surgeon had injected saline fluid twice before, but he was being conservative. However, on my last appointment on October 14, I asked for some real liquid. At first he must have added 5cc because when I took a test drink of water it hurt very much. So then he backed it off just a bit and the next water test indeed drained. So we left it there because I'm tired of not feeling it.

Okay. I feel it now. I can only take sips of water and I really have to chew up my food. In addition, I must keep to the 1/4 cup rule because they is simply no more room than that. I just ate a small bit of chicken that couldn't have been more than 1/4 cup, but it hurt my chest anyway. The chicken did the same thing last night when I actually measured it. I guess some foods hurt but don't make you throw it back up. I have eaten too fast. Either way, ouch.

I think I will be able to lose weight at a rapid rate now. I need some quick weight loss before my trip in NYC. The seats are only 17 inches across and I am a bit more. I think if I lose 25-30 before the trip, I shouldbe more comfortable.

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