Monday, October 24, 2011

I still lost weight!

I thought I totally screwed up the last month. While I was running back and forth from Arkansas, I thought over the three weeks I had blown my diet. I could barely feel the band, but I do now. The last adjustment was great, but still I thought I was doing poorly. I had a lot of trouble breaking the hunger feelings.

However, I was just updating the site and I have lost 17 pounds since September 26th! I bet I can lose another 3 pounds in the next few days. That would basically be 20 pounds on a crappy month. Pretty cool. I'm happy, but I really need to lose a fast 20 to 30 pounds before the 21st of November. I have a three and a half hour flight to NYC and the seats are only 17 inches across. Even with 30 pounds lost it will be tight, but nothing like it would be today.

My exercise schedule went a bit off kilter, but I've still been in the gym three times during the week and at least one if not two mountain hikes a weekend. We go on this path that is a challenging climb of about 500 feet and then back down and up some more (2 miles). I think I was doing the course at about one and a half hours four or five weeks ago, but I get better each time. This Saturday I tried to go faster than I ever had. My goal was one hour. I did it in 53 minutes. And I was seriously sore, but I went to the gym on Sunday anyway. All I did was jog /walk fast for 30 minutes and I reached my goal of two miles. I thought I would be super sore today, but I feel better than I did on Saturday night.

In order to lose the goal weight I need to exercise everyday. I ran out of time to get to the gym today so I raked the backyard. I didn't even break a sweat. Tomorrow I must get to the gym. Besides, we are supposed to have a snow storm on Wednesday. Today it was 79 degrees. Colorado weather is weird.

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