Saturday, November 23, 2013


I've been having a hard time with my current episode. Too much crying followed by anger. Yesterday's therapy session helped. Adding some more Seroquel has helped. Anyway, I wrote this the other day and I don't think I posted it here. I'm working on about six other poems. Maybe I'll feel better soon and then I can finish them.

"The Pea"

'tis but a feeling.
Small, yet smoldering.
Like a demon waiting it's turn.
It waits like a cancer.
Small as a pea and as large as a whale.
Waiting, waiting for it's turn.

Slicing through sanity.
Its made it before.
Playing its own tune and dancing with screaming intensity
with no end in sight. It almost won. So close.

Condemned to the depths it waits.
It wait its turn.
Just a pea.
I can feel the pea. I know it's there,
and it terrifies me.

- Christopher Sharits 2013

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