Monday, January 13, 2014

Personal Epiphany

I think I had an epiphany. If you believe that one side of the brain has different tendencies than the other, which I do, than January 2008 rewired the dominant side of my brain.

I used to be a linear, logical being, and manically hard driven. I used to be very concerned with work and titles. I was obsessively driven to be the best at work and at school. I served as General Managers, Vice-Presidents, Presidents and I collected master's degrees like bowling trophies. I would say that the left side of my brain was dominate.

In January 2008, I had a "brain trauma." Truth is that I had a severe bipolar/psychotic episode and spent the entirety of January on the mental wing. Nobody knew if I was going to come back, but I did and something had changed. I tried to think linear and dominate with my left side, but I couldn't. I couldn't even imagine doing the things I did before. Actually, I was kind of embarrassed by the man I once was.

My right side had taken over. My family became more important. Love became important. While my mind still lusts for knowledge, it is simply for knowledge's sake. I am more intuitive, sensitive, and subjective. Creativity dominates my thinking. I constantly think of writing, poetry, painting, and thinking. I have stopped to smell the roses. I tried to fight the new me, but it's impossible. My right side has taken over.

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