Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday January 21, 2011 ~ Lab results

Well, yesterday's oncologist appointment went as well as it could. My platelet count is up to 90,000 units and my white blood cell count was just inside of normal. So, if I haven't developed cancer yet, why go to these constant appointments? Because my wife would kill me before the cancer if the cancer came on while I was on a doctor holiday. I guess the way CLL comes on, it would be the best and most treatable if found early. Sounds reasonable.

One other note: My oncologist is moving to Greeley Colorado which is way way too far to drive so it's time to find a new doctor. It would be great if I could find one within 10 miles of my house. I'll have to find one next week because I have to get B-12 shots in order to remain stable.

Sometimes people ask if there is a cure for CLL or if you can do something to elevate your platelet count. You can treat CLL with chemo and so forth and if I were to get pregnant, which sounds oddly unlikely, than your platelets may spike upwards. So the answer is no. No cure; no way to elevate platelets. Sure there are probably hillbilly cures, but I don't want to eat eye of newt. It's just a matter of going in to the oncologist every three months and have labs drawn each time with a minimum of one CT Scan per year.

I hope I never get cancer, but my odds are not really in my favor, but until I get cancer, I think I should still be able to eat fried Twinkies. I've never had them, but they sound like one of those "must try just once" types of foods. Of course, it may be like the commercial for meth. Just once and you'll turn into a thieving junkie and your teeth will fall out.  

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