Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday May 7th, 2010 - Fool

Yesterday was my second "high intensity" workout and I got very sore, so if the idea is to make your body burn fat to repair muscle tissue, then I'm on the right track. This morning I weighed myself and was disappointed, but I have to keep in mind that I didn't get fat over night, so losing the fat will take time and diligence.

I was feeling cheated by the weight demon. All that hard work and then one weekend or day or weeks with too many calories from "good" food and bad liquor and boom, I gained it all back and then some. Now that I'm back on the calorie counter, I realize I was back into comfort eating.

My body, your body, is actually very smart. I'm not, if your overweight, you're not. On a primal level it knows how to adjust and adapt to anything. If you lose weight, it knows how to retain more calories for insurance against starvation. If you workout excessively, it stores extra fat so you will be able to do that level of activity everyday. Your body is just trying to maintain and sometimes that means gain.

If I stick to this new routine the scale will turn and I'll be back on track. Last year when I started dieting and exercising my body couldn't adjust fast enough to keep me from losing weight, but then it did adjust. It kept the reserves and kicked my appetite into a frenzy. And that's why my way stopped working. I hope that this new routine fools my body into burning extra fat throughout the summer.

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