Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday May 27th, 2010 - Band Wagon

Last week was insane. My younger sister's birthday. Then, my middle son's graduation. And then, the first phase of my mom's birthday party in Littleton and the second phase, an overnight party up in Blackhawk/Central City (Casinos). Top all that off with my in-laws visiting for Jeff's graduation and you come up with an exhausting week.

While I was sick a few weeks ago, I still managed to get back into the gym routine last week and I'm going strong this week. Judging by how sore I got, Tuesday's workout was brutal. Later today I'll be back in the gym. I haven't weighed myself for fear that I may have bounced backwards. With all of the commotion, BBQ's, and beer last week, I surely gained or at least maintained the same weight. I'll get a fair read on it tomorrow. I might be joyfully surprised. I certainly feel great. The muscle build up with this new routine is astounding. If I even go anywhere near the weights I was lifting before, they feel weak. Now I have to watched my calories again. I shouldn't have anymore disruptions.

Today I will go to the gym, but I was thinking about a bike ride as well. I should probably wait until Saturday for the bike ride in case I need a lift from my knight in shining armor, Cheri. Yesterday I painted and I'm caught up on all my chores so today is the perfect day to write.

My fictional character, Nic, has been busy exploring and enjoying the Amalfi Coast in Italy, but he's been having some pretty nasty dreams. I mean that both in a sexual way as well as just creepy scary. At this point in the book some of that nightmare anxiety will begin to intertwine with his conscious mind. Nic is becoming unstable, but just not enough for his oblivious and drunken father to notice. Soon he will tip over the edge. Drama baby; drama.

Oh yeah, let's not forget my latest paintings. You can see them at Blazing Sun and Vortex are the newest ones. Thankfully, I've gotten through that flower stage and now I'm expressing my concept of truth. This is my favorite art quote out of a Dean Koontz novel nonetheless... "the heart is an artist that paints over what profoundly disturbs it, leaving on the canvas a less dark, less sharp version of the truth."

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