Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello followers. I've been slacking because I had possibly the most immense prolonged bipolar episode in years. I was sleeping maybe 3 - 5 hours of sleep and having trouble reading and writing. I'm on wellburtron now and I've calmed down.

During this last episode I lost it. I began gaining weight and it was discouraging. I stayed off the scale and started eating almost normal. My body, hungry for calories, ate it up and I seem to have retain every ugly fat cell. Plus, then I hurt my following against some stairs in the snow, so I dropped out of the gym for a while and the end result was dangerous weight gain.

I imagine that I had gained so much weight that I scaled out at about 380; up from 330 at the beginning of the year. I don't know my exact weight because I didn't scale. My tight pants told me. I had to wear my biggest clothes again. As I was starting to get a grip on the episode and I know I lost some weight. When I went into the surgeon's office I scaled in at 376. Two weeks later and I weigh 366. I'm back on the diet. I'd like to lose 30 pounds by my one year anniversary August 3rd. Then I can say that I lost 80 pounds the first year. Still not bad weight loss. Should be and could have been better, but I messed up and now I'll have to settle. If I stick to the diet like glue I could do it and then some. It would be nice to be back to 330. My clothes all fit nicely.

Moral of the story... the lap-band is a tool. just a tool. You can mess it up. For now on I'll scale and track everyday. Check for progress reports.


  1. Your incredible! totally inspired and ready to start my own journey… Thanks for the post!? Your awesome!!

  2. Keep at it man! Weight loss is definitely a journey and everyone has their ups and downs. I enjoy following your blog. Keep the updates coming...good or bad :)

    Tim in Utah

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