Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm bouncing around 352 and 351. I want to be securely under 350 before the end of the month. It should only take one good day at the gym and one good day of eating well.

I was doing great yesterday, but then I made fajitas for my parents and my family and I nibbled while I cooked so who know how much I actually are. Definitely over a 1/4 cup. I even snaked as I put washed the dishes. Bad bad boy.

My big news is my book about Nick. The teenager who goes through a hell of a year during his early bipolar onset. So far people that have read the manuscript have loved it. To day I'm polishing. I have given myself until the end of the month to go live and upload the final script as an eBook. After some research I have decided to set the online price at $5.57. It can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and my site . There are some sample chapters up now.


  1. Excercise and diet is the first thing that comes up in our mind if we want to shed those extra weight and it really helps a lot. Decipline and determination is the first key to success, but we always wanted the easiest way. Many people considered lapband as their last option but is it safe? I was searching the internet and I just would like to ask this question if you heared anything about it, the link is - and it says that it will give you a gastric bypass
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    1. i heard this stuff is great. Safe and effective in losing weight. But I still need to check more information about this

  2. A good way to keep track of your bmi would be using a free bmi calcualtor. You could probably add a free widget to your website.