Sunday, May 20, 2012

I guess this will be short as I am working on unpacking, organizing and shelving some 200 of my favorite books. I may read a bit too much. My book "Night in Positano" is so close to finished that if I have a few days in the library to correct some tense issues and remind myself about the lines I used the first time Nick went into the hospital. So so close. It's already been edited several times. While part one. Part two still needs readers and editing.

Back to weight. I am currently at 354 and still losing weight pretty quickly. Near the being on this blog you can read about my adventure with vegetarianism and vegan. Vegan is okay for about three or four months but then it sucks. When I fell off vegetarianism I had already started gaining weight. Ultimately I decided to have the lapband surgery. All was good then my father in law died and we ate like crap on the road. And then came my hypo-manic bipolar episode. Worst since January 2008. I should have been in the hospital, but even three days gone messes up the family rhythm so I endured sleeping only 3 hours a night and didn't weigh myself. And that's how you can blow the surgery. Maybe I'm being repetitive. Bottom line is that I am 354 today and losing about .75 pounds a day. I bounce up a pound and bounce down a couple pounds, but I weigh myself every day. By the end of the month I should easily hit 350 and maybe even 345. All good and back on track. At first it was hard, but it's getting easier everyday. Need to hit the gym more.   


  1. I'm vegan (and bipolar too) and I agree that after 3-4 months (for me it's 6 months), it can be difficult to try new things. You seem to like to try gourmet foods so what about "switching" the ingredients and creating new recipes? :) I just started reading your blog and noticed a lot of similarities. I've lost almost 100lbs being vegan and taking up running and have kept it off for a year but I use my bipolar to obsess about losing weight (it's not any better than gaining - I've made myself pretty sick in the past). Take care of yourself and just keep going day by day! I'm sure you've heard it before but eating right and exercising is a complete lifestyle change and you're doing it! After exams, I'll definitely be going through your blog in its entirety. (PS: I love Post Punk Kitchen for new ideas).

    Take care!

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