Thursday, June 5, 2014

Complicated Knee

I went to the second, yet main, orthopedic "limb" surgeon and went through my problems precisely. The outside of my left knee is fairly normal, but the inside of the knee is complicated.

I have vascular insufficiency that must be addressed before surgery so now I'm going to a vascular specialist. The gist is that my blood goes down the arteries fine and then do not properly go back up causing calf swelling. Since I've lost weight the swelling has gone down considerably, but not enough for the Limb surgeon. I guess the vascular surgeon will either fix the swelling or come up with a viable plan that the Limb surgeon is comfortable with. I may have the go back and get a check-up from my infectious disease doctor from my 2013 hospitalization.

The primary surgeon wants to be sure we don't have any complications with the healing of the knee surgery. Once cleared of all other issues, he will either use a scope to clean things like the cyst, torn cartilage, torn ligament, and a bone graph to fix the hole the cyst made in one of my knee bones. It's quite clear that this is going to be a summer trek. Right now my knee doesn't hurt nearly as much as my headache and spleen issue, but, if the knee flares, it hurts more than anything. The swelling of the cyst and ligament makes everything around it hurt.

I'm not supposed to run, which I love, or jog or hike with determination. I can hike as a casual walk, but nothing like I was doing before when I didn't know about the cyst garbage. I can ride a bike and swim. This is not impossible. My gym does have bikes and a huge indoor and outdoor swimming pool. I'll convert, but I don't like it. I was working out five times a day and running four to five miles per day and then extreme hiking with Cheri on the weekend. Occasionally Greg would come along and it was great.

Anyway, the dull to extreme headaches and migraines together with a normally manageable spleen and a sore knee are getting to me. It's ruining my mania. I fear that I will soon dip back down to depressed.

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