Monday, June 29, 2009

State of my state

Over the course of 20 years, I had managed to lose and gain back weight, plus some biological insurance (extra weight the body builds after a diet to assure that you haven't lost needed weight). I was stubborn. I thought I could lose the weight "tomorrow." In July 2007, I felt horrible. A comprehensive blood lab had shown that I had H-Pylori, type 2 diabetes, anemia, mononucleosis, and leukemia. Bring on the doctors! In November 2007, I was admitted to the hospital for various reasons including how I managed to gain 50 pounds in 5 months. I entered the hospital at 456 pounds. I left at 406 pounds. After two more hospital stays and 8 months, I had managed to lose an additional 76 pounds by simply not eating (very dangerous). In March of 2009, I was admitted to the hospital for dehydration and dangerously low platelets (normal 150,000 to 450,000). My count was somewhere in the 30,000's (20's become critical). I had also gained back 26 pounds. That was it. Change your life or die.

Since my March release, I joined the local rec center and I've tried to lose some weight, but anything I lost was gained through muscle mass. I decided to have bariatric surgery (the Realize band). At this point I'm jumping through the hoops and will soon have a surgery date for sometime early Fall. My current weight is 350 pounds, but my new extreme exercise routine has made me strong and feeling great. My body shape has also changed to muscular with the fat seeming to follow gravity. I am also preparing for the surgery by dropping caffeine, alcohol, and eating right. The following post will be primarily bench marks unless you ask questions.

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