Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1st, 2010 - ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY... things I've learned

Hello and thank you for visiting! Over the course of the last twelve months I've posted a dismal 250 posts while having over 2,600 visits. Again, thank you. I hope the next twelve months of posts will have greater frequency, depth, and utility.

Thirteen months ago when I began researching the world of blogs, I noted that, while most blogs die out well within the first year, non-commercial obesity blogs barely made it a few months. Not this one. I fully intend on increasing, not decreasing my blog presence. I believe that most obesity blogs die out when the host gains back the weight or simply gets bored. I know that my postings became less frequent when I started gaining the weight back. I am not here selling anything. By the way, I do get paid when you visit my sponsors, but I return that income into google ads to attract more readers. I'm all about sharing no matter how much it hurts just in case I can help that one person who has given up.

It's easy to report weight loss and tragically difficult to report weight gain. "Hi campers! Today, I gained four pounds!" Not as inspirational as losing a pound. Anyone that says that obese people should just put down the fork probably don't understand the level of difficulty involved with quiting smoking or any number of addictions. Obesity is an addiction. It's a cycle that includes bad food choices as well as simply eating too much of the right food. It's about eating an extra 10% with every meal and failing to exercise. I was there. I ate because it felt good. I still eat because it feels good.

That's my truth. I lost 40 pounds in the last year... and over the course of just a few months I've nearly gained it all back. How can that be? I became a vegan and exercised like crazy. I am much healthier, but not much thinner. I was doing fine until I hit a plateau in November. I just couldn't seem to lose anymore weight and I didn't fully understand how our bodies work.

Initially, I lost weight quickly, but then my body adjusted. Yes, your body does in fact have an ancient defense against change. Your metabolism will compensate for your routine. I have mistakenly thought that the biological forces of nature fought weight loss while embracing weight gain. That's is faulty logic because your body seriously goes to shit with weight gain, hence, heart disease, diabetes, and the inability to fit in airplane seats. Ha! I'm so funny! In all actuality, your body rewards you for weight loss but you have to understand the game and come up with a life change, not a diet.

I tried becoming a vegan. It seemed logical, but I found out that vegans can gain weight if they eat too much. Three weeks ago I decided to temporarily fall off of the vegan diet. As noted, I have decided to become vegetarian instead of vegan. And I want to include seafood for the purposes of protein and the fact that it will help me find satisfying food at restaurants and dinner parties. I think it will be a more sustainable life style.

Exercise is important for about a million reasons all having to do with health and quality of life, but it's really not that significant for weight loss. Most people go work their asses off, literally, only to go out and eat a chocolate cake because they think they can. Oooooohhh no. I call that "compensational confusion."

Of course exercise helps to burn calories, but one Big Mac and a large fry is about 900 calories and it takes cycling at 10 miles per hour for 2 1/2 hours to burn it off. You burn more calories sleeping 8 hours. I am strong as hell. Seriously, I can bench over 200 pounds and leg press 430 pounds. I do stomach crunches with 180 pounds. I am one strong mofo and I'm still very fat.

After a year I have learned that I can lose weight, but I need to trick my body by changing up my routines and sticking to the calorie count even when it hurts. Oh, and by the way, diet pills will screw up your biology more than fried Twinkies. The game is good food within reason and a sustainable life change that includes greater physical activity and CALORIE COUNTING!

That being said, I begin my next chapter as a vegetarian on July 5th (after the yummy hot link BBQ's). My exercise routine will include anything that gets me off of my butt and regular trips to the gym where I will change up my routine every couple of months. I may even try jazzercise... for a while or until someone finds out and posts my leotard ass on facebook.  

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