Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday June 27th, 2010 - Psych Ward

I started the day out at the gym and after a muscle burning workout I shot hoops for another 20 minutes just to get my heart rate up one more time. While I was playing I was thinking about how to tie the first part of my book into part three better. I needed some relevant situations that foretold a bit of the future of the book.

"Nic" was doing fine, but I needed to have him lose it at least once before his trip to Italy in part two. The following is the incident that led to his 72 hour psych ward internment (a few words had to be censored, but you'll get it)...

That particular morning I was late to class [Nic] and I had to sit towards the back corner. I preferred to be up front. Stephanie was the only black girl in our class. She was quiet and wore thick glasses, but she was hot anyway. I sat next to her in choir so I knew she was smart. Her dad was a biology professor at the University of Colorado and her mom was a lawyer with social services. I liked her. I was trying to work up the nerve to ask her to go skating with me.
Sitting back in the corner behind me were two knuckle dragging Neanderthals. They were whispering back and forth to one another talking shit about kids in the class. They didn’t have a clue nor did they care about imperialism. I loathed them. They caught my attention when I heard them say Stephanie. I’m not sure who was who back there, but one of them said, “I would love to !@$% the $#@# out of that $*&%$.”
As if on autopilot I jumped out of my seat and dove back at the nearest caveman. My fist connected with his jaw and we both went tumbling along with his desk. He tried to fight back, but I had the drop on him. I was really laying into him with both fists flying. Right as I sat up and took aim at his face, Mr. Woodacre grabbed me by the collar and yanked me away from the asshole. I wasn’t done, but Mr. Woodacre was. My month was bleeding, but the knuckle dragger’s eye was already swelling shut and his nose was oddly bent sideways. Mr. Woodacre went to help him and the teacher from next door pulled me out into the hall. The principal and two other office people were running down the hall towards me. One held onto my arm as if I were under arrest. 
By the time I was escorted to the office, the police were already pulling up with lights flashing. As the police started two stepping up to the front doors, the school nurse came to check on me and for the first time someone asked, “What happened?” I started to explain that those two jerks called Stephanie a $%#&, but I was cut off by the principal and handed over to the police. They handcuffed me and took me to the police station. I all happened so fast I didn’t really realized the extent of my outburst until I was sitting on a hard bed in this little cell bright with light and sealed securely with a solid door with a small shatter proof window. 

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