Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday June 6th, 2010 - Boring

Yesterday I capped off a wonderful day of writing with a quick (2 hour) hiking trip at O'Fallon State Park near Evergreen, Colorado and less than 20 miles west of our home. I was surprised when I became winded, but it was a fairly direct route up the mountain to find the trail, so maybe not so bad. The important part is getting outside, collecting a few rays (not too much), and breaking a sweat. I'm on a quest to get my heart beat up at least 30 minutes a day. Even if I don't live to be 100, I still want to enjoy life as much as possible and when your health restricts your activities, you need to shape up. Of course it about losing weight, but it is also about being fit. A little more than a year ago I became serious about my health. I lost weight and gained some back, but what has drastically improved is my fitness. I really don't think "I can't do that" because of being fat or out of shape. These days I'm more likely to say "bring it on baby."

Today, my 14 year old and I will go to the gym for a workout and maybe some basketball. To be honest, I'm not to enthusiastic about the gym because it is beautiful outside. I should find something to do outside. I think I will take Bobby to the gym, do our intense max workout and then play some basketball on the outdoor court. Or maybe I'll come home from the gym and finish reading my book. Or I could come back and paint. Humm, so many good choices and when I began this post I thought I was bored. Now, I just need to grab my tennis shoes and head out. I would add to that a possible bike ride, but it really looks too hot out. Bike rides are best in the morning when the sun isn't beating you to hell. No need to get heat stroke today.

Here is a small part of a dream from my first draft of "Positano."

... The wine relaxed me and I slept hard for most of the night, but just before the sun rose I had a dream. Not a nightmare; a dream; a nice dream. It started out with the usual “running late” anxiety pattern, but then it took a delightful turn. I was in an airport running with a group of people trying to find our gate. There was a terribly unpleasant woman arguing with the gate clerk about something having to do with her seat placement. She insisted that it was safer to sit above the wings. I know what’s safer; landing. 

While the foul mouthed woman was flinging her arms in air and carrying on, I turned to see a striking girl with long black hair and piercing green eyes staring at me. She motioned for me to follow her. I complied. We were standing together in an abandoned office. Neither one of us spoke. We didn’t need to. It had no windows, but still held aged shadows along the walls where objects used to be. We started kissing... 

I have to stop there because one of my greatest gifts may be writing sexual fantasies and this dream gets too hot to quickly for this post. I can tell you it ends with a shower and a smile. Bink.

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