Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday June 4th, 2010 - Mowing the lawn naked

Okay, I kidding about the "naked" part. I did mow the lawn. I enjoy mowing the lawn. I'm actually one of those freaks who mow at one angle and then mows a second time against the first angle. I like it to look like a golf course. Anyway, back on the topic, I enjoy mowing the lawn because it is good physical activity. I don't use the assist mode. There are many daily activities that can be considered and counted as exercise. Do them and do them the hard way. Every little bit helps burn fat. It's all about calories. Eating them and burning them. Have I mentioned that you burn most of your calories when you sleep. Well, maybe not most, but a significant amount.

The powers to be have added a new feature to my blog. Custom Amazon ads. Cool, huh? For my first one I choose the bipolar guide. It's helpful. I would appreciate input on what ads I should run. It would be nice to make some money off of the blog, but, in the long run, it doesn't matter. I write the blog for me and then for you the reader.

I think I need to spice up the posts, so I've decided to add small samples from my book, Positano, about a young man who has biploar onset. Mind you, they are still drafts, but it might be fun. You could give me input. Let's keep it organised. You can reply to the book samples with these choices... magnificent, courageous, inspiring, God like, and, for goodness sakes, avoid "I like this character, but... " I hate buts. Not butts. I love butts. Better be more specific. Women's butts. Yeah, I like a good butt. Oh yeah, I have a dialog where Nic (14) first meets the much older Adriana (24).... From the third part of "Positano"...

The sun was settling down over the water into a bed of bright yellow and vivid orange that was drooping gracefully below streaks of brilliant blue and gray clouds. It was time to get home. As I hurried along the path, I briskly turned a corner keeping an eye on the steps ahead of me when I glanced up and spied a beautiful goddess. Her face was turned away from me, but the vision of her shapely butt poured into some worn out jeans was enough to merit my full attention. I slowed as she pulled her loose button up shirt back onto her exposed tanned shoulder. Time briefly stood still as I absorbed every nuance of her long curly vibrant red hair. 
I lost my footing and tripped over the next step. The half second of fear was replaced by bright red embarrassment. I kept my head down as she quickly came down and to help me. She was a bit older than I was hoping. She was probably in her mid twenties.
She asked “Stai bene?”
I assumed that meant “are you okay?” and as my eyes met her eyes I become deaf, dumb, and tongue tied.
I muttered “yes, I’m okay” as I stood up and brushed off my pants.
She replied in perfect English, “Good. Better be careful on all these brutal pathways.” “My name is Adriana.”

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