Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13th, 2011 - and ye shall receive

I asked God to help me find a way to get the surgery which basically meant asking for money. I believe God answers all prayers in His time and it isn't always yes. His Will reigns.

I really didn't expect a quick answer. I thought He would show me how to save enough money for the operation. After my health insurance, I'm pretty sure my share is $4,000 into a hospital escrow account.

First answer: I found the deeds to some burial plots. I have enough room for 15 people in either plots or mortuary. I don't need all of those so I decided to put four plots (potentially 8 people) for sale. The retail cost of these plots would be $16,000. I compared my plots to others on craigslist and decided to try to sell the four plots for $7,000 for all four or $2000 each for twin plots. It is advertised so we will see.

Second answer: I contracted with Food Service Daily News for 20 articles by the end of April and more beyond that publication date. In addition, I will be editing other author's work. My title is staff editor. Income potential for April alone = $4,000.

Third answer: My gallery in Paris asked for pricing on some of my late father's drawings. They have an interested collector from Switzerland. Potential income = $60,000. My cut would be $30,000.

One week ago I really didn't have any idea for earning $4,000. I would say God is great.

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