Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday April 23rd, 2011 - Appointment set

Quick update on life stuff: I've been working on articles for Food Service Daily News which has taken me away from writing the book. Hopefully, I will spend two hours completing a tech article on social media and mobile devises as it pertains to restaurant owners. I think I'll submit one longer piece and then re-write two smaller comprehensive pieces because I have way too much data collected once again. I also will complete a photo journalist piece on cuisine trends 2011. I have some other ideas on tech articles about wireless ordering and paying by mobile. I also want to do a piece on the "restaurant" catering truck. That's where a favorite restaurant takes their show on the road. When we were in NYC we saw a lot of this new phenomena. My favorite was a muffin cupcake van. Personally, I would love it if my favorite Indian restaurant went wheels. Maybe they could stop at a parking lot closer to me and communicate their locations via facebook and twitter. Cool stuff.  

My diet has been stable. Not really losing weight, but also not gaining weight. I think mentally I have know when the end game begins. The end game being the day of my bariatric surgery.

I made an appointment with my surgeon Dr. Tillquist and his assistant CJ on the 27th. Usually, the first appointment is about an hour while they go through a gamut of health questions and nutrition ect, but I've already been through that and they have an extensive file on me from my prior interest so my appointment will only be 30 minutes.

So my next post will be all about that first appointment. Isn't it strange that when someone says you can't have something, that something becomes all you can think about. My wife said cut out sugar now and reduce your caffeine, so all I keep thinking about is espresso and a nutella covered croissant.

Have a good weekend and thank you for all the supportive email. I encourage comments. My European friends always call me Christophe so that is how I will sign out. ~ Christophe 

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