Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday May 2, 2011 - Details from my first consultation

First, I started my vegetarian with seafood diet yesterday and found myself in a huge rush for lunch and accidentally ate a ham and cheese bagel. Seriously, I was half way through it when it dawned on me. I am possibly the stupidest smart guy on the planet. Nonetheless, yesterday's cuisine was very healthy, however, I did eat too much tabbouleh and falafel. The blackened grilled yellow fin tuna was awesome. Tonight I am grilling portabella mushrooms and organic hamburger for the boys. I need to define my one through five scale again. I suppose five being the best should represent a healthy day with smaller portions following the pre-surgery guidelines for the bariatric surgery plus the gym. Four being a good day less exercise. Three being healthy, but with servings that were too larger. Two should be deviating from healthy. Perhaps not so healthy and too much sugar. One, being the worst, would be any day that I have fast food or over-eat at a full service restaurant. I would give yesterday a three, but I didn't make it to the gym. Instead I took a Sunday afternoon nap.

My primary mission right no is to get all of the preliminary appointments and endorsement letters collected. I have a check list from the consultation meeting last week. All of the following must send in an endorsement letter.

  1. Psychological endorsement- Purpose: to evaluate your emotional state and your capacity to understand the dangers and life changes resulting from bariatric surgery. Must be done by a psychologist or psychologist. In my case it is my bipolar doc, Cathy Collins, since she also conducts a therapy session each time we meet. She knows me best. I see her tomorrow, the 3rd of May. (Sample letter below).
  2. Pulmonary test - Purpose: to evaluate your ability to breath and exert energy. My appointment was setup through the bariatric surgeons office. I have to go down to take one hour of tests Wednesday the 4th. 
  3. Primary Care Physician - Purpose: to evaluate your health in regards to being able to handle the surgery and the post surgery change in life style. I am using my annual physical as an opportunity to get Dr. Goldstein's endorsement. My blood draw is on the 10th and my exam is on the 19th. (Sample letter below)
  4. Cardiologist - Purpose: to evaluate the health of your heart. Must make an appointment with Dr. Levene.
  5. Gastrointestinal doctor - Purpose: evaluate the health of my liver and NASH. While not named on list, but, just to be on the safe side, I will include an endorsement from Dr. Springer). I am waiting for my liver biopsy.
  6. I must also attend a mandatory nutrition class given by Swedish hospital. It's focus is on lap-band patients. I should call as soon as I finish this post.
That's it for the required endorsements. Hopefully I'll get this done this month. Next big hurtle: $$$$ but I'm working on it.

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