Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday May 9th 2011 - One step closer

This morning I went to my cardiologist and passed the exam with flying colors. Dr. Levene will write the bariatric endorsement and send it to Dr. Tillquist. Tonight I am going to the mandatory lap-band nutrition class. It costs $100 cash (Instructor preference). It lasts one and a half hours. Afterwards there is a support group that I will hang out for. I like hearing people's stories. Maybe I should take notes and include them here.

Tomorrow morning I get my blood draw for next week's physical. So I have the nutrition class, pulmonary, cardiologist, psychological eval, sleep apnea, and even a bonus gastrointestinal liver biopsy (GI not required for bariatric surgery). Throw in 12 months of medical notes from my primary care physician and my physical and I will have jumped through all of the hoops. After the surgeons office receives all of the documents, then they will give me a firm price including my insurance contribution. I may call the office and get a new estimate. I'm sticking with $4,000 for my contribution. I hope the final price is lower. 

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