Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday May 22, 2011 - Financing the Realize Band procedure

I still don't have a concrete number for the surgery. It has a lot to do with deductibles, co-pays, insurance allowances, and the various piecemeal bills like the anesthesiologist. My insurance pays $7500 and I swear I was told last time that the hospital wanted $4,000 in an account in case they need it. I don't know right now because the only finance person with the hospital that specializes in this kind of surgery is on vacation.

Much of the cost depends on your insurance and its agreed fee structure with the providers, but this was the best general answer:

"The price of lap band surgery will depend upon many factors.   Lap Band prices and how to finance it is something that everyone considering the procedure needs to sit down and think about before the surgery.
The price of surgery is complex because you need to include not merely the price of the surgery itself but the associated costs which will vary widely according to where your surgery is carried out and by whom. Costs must include such things as pre-surgical tests, fees for your surgeon and hospital charges, anesthesia fees and much more. Additionally, there will be various post-surgery charges for services like follow-up medical visits, psychological support and nutritional counseling.
If the surgery is done in the US, then you could expect to pay anywhere between $17,000 and $30,000 for your surgery and post-operative care providing you do not encounter any complications. While significant complications are uncommon they do arise every now and again and the cost can then rise considerably."
Now I've managed to bring together as much as $9000, but I still want to be prepared for a surgery loan so I paid down all my credit cards to less than 10% of the available credit and had my friend's wife work on getting some of the dead wood off of my credit report. I'm very anxious about the cost of the surgery and I suppose I'll stay that way until the hospital lady gets back from vacation. I hope its this week.

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