Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17th, 2010 - Writings from Christopher

Today was my day to visit the gym, but I didn't make it. I spent most of the morning in the orthodontists office while my youngest, Bobby, had his new braces put on. He has a weird bite and upper jaw line which required widening. In order to do this they put this contraption called an expander on the roof of his mouth that is designed to slowly, over the course of 18 days, split his bone. Then they tie it off and wait for the jaw to heal and fill in. If it works as planned, he will develop a temporary gap between his front teeth like David Letterman. Needless to say, his pain today was monumental. We stocked up on soft foods and Ibuprofen.

Tomorrow I will work until 2pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver in the Idea Box as usual. Hopefully I'll get some interesting school groups, but I think the only ones already in school are from Douglas County. Afterwards I'll be helping my friend Woody move to his new house. Woody has Cushing's disease and has recently found a large malignant tumor on his sternum. I suppose that will be my exercise for tomorrow. Then, of course, I have Thursday's gym scheduled which is probably the next time I will post.

While I have been busy managing my late father's film and art career, painting, and writing I have a bit of an unexpected gap in paychecks that has necessitated my new job search. I went to an employment support group at the church I attended on Sunday and came to the conclusion that I simply do not want a new career or employer. I also do not want to go back to car brokering or warehouse management, so I have determined my best course of action is to solicit contract work as a technical and/or creative writer. In order to do so I have joined the Society for Technical Communication and I've started another blog called to showcase my writing and to share my experiences writing and publishing my "Positano" book.

Most of my problem with employment has been the "too" syndrome. I am too experienced, too expensive, too educated, and, as ridiculous as this sounds, too old. I believe contract work will be less threatening to employers and hopefully allow me to continue taking care of the family while earning a descent "gap" earning.

How does this effect my weight loss? I suppose you have to take care of the basics in order to concentrate on  losing weight. The financial stress is enough to fall back into stress eating which is partly responsible for my current size. I think I will have to design a new website to display my writing portfolio. While I have some examples of my research essays and various technical writings and the Positano book samples, I will need to add any new work. If you have any written work or know of any written work contracts, please let me know. Thanks.

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