Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday August 24th, 2010 - Babysitting Rylan

This week I'm babysitting my cousin's baby. Rylan was born in October 2009. She is adorable and the happiest baby I have ever seen. Nonetheless, babysitting is exhausting. She has two speeds; awake and asleep. Not too much in between. She is crawling, but like a very fast tank. She will probably be walking soon. She has this speed racer car she can sit on an scoot, but she usually gets behind it and pushes. Sometimes she will reach out for things and kind of take a step. I wouldn't classify it as a real first step. More like a reach.

Rylan has liked me since she was born. Maybe I'm warm. Anyway, when I enter a room or peek around a corner she immediately drops what she's doing or whom she is sitting with and bolt towards me. I would like to teach her to say Uncle Chris or even Teddy (bear), but her words are currently restricted to da da, ta ta (our dog Tatum), and doggy. Everything else is more of a baby demand. My greatest concern right now is that she keeps calling my da da. All the time. She does call her dad da da, but it's awkward when she calls me too.

Yesterday I took Rylan out on some errands with me and she loves me to hold her through the store or place her in the cart, but its exhausting. Being a full time mom has got to be a killer. My wife and the other momthers just roll their eyes at me when I talk about how tired I am. Anyway, Rylan is like a built in gym. I can't go to the regular gym this week unless I go in the evening, but babysitting is some serious work and a good workout. My diet was not great yesterday. I over ate lunch and dinner. I'l try to be better today.

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