Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday August 15th 2010 - Vacation's over... damn

Yellowstone was wonderful. Not only were the sights fantastic, but the hikes and opportunities for vigorous exercise were limitless. You would think that with all the gym time I put in that a few hikes would be a cake walk, but I can tell you that each night we were very glad to be back in our hotel room. While it's not necessary, having a nice clean large hotel suite makes the whole experience just a little bit better. No. Actually, a nice room and a nice relaxing dinner each night makes everything better. Especially because I didn't have to cook or do the dishes. And I love someone else making my bed. I don't know about you, but I can't sleep in a bed that hasn't been tightly made. My wife thinks I'm a little compulsive about the bed thing, but I like the cool stretched sheets when I climb in the bed. I usually make my bed while its still warm. 

Back to the benefits of a nice active vacation. I think it's very important to escape the day to day at least a couple of times a year. It doesn't always have to be Europe although I am fond of Berlin (very clean city) and Paris (very dirty stinky city, but still cool). A nice weekend holiday just a short drive away can do the trick. Of course living in Denver right at the base of the Rocky Mountains allow us a great selection of get aways.

It's like I always say; becoming healthy and controlling your weight has to do with everything in your life. Your physical shape not only helps burn calories and makes you feel strong, but it also reminds you of your goal. Mental health is necessary because losing weight is 90% in your head. If you aren't ready to change your eating habits nothing can make you thin for life. Eventually a weak mind will allow you to regain the weight.

You can get stomach bypass or super dupper expensive frozen diet meals, but they all come down to the same thing... eat less calories than you burn. Simple. It's always about the calories. There is no magic pill that lets you eat 4 slices of pizza with a couple of beers sitting on the couch watching other people play sports. If there is, let me know because it is football season and I would love to eat like a pig and lose weight. Sounds funny, but many people fall into the trap of easy solutions when the only solution is calorie control. The products are just tools to achieve the same goal... calorie control.

One other element that I've left out is spiritual health. Regardless of your religion or beliefs, maintaining a positive and hopeful outlook on life is critical to weight loss. Happy people lose weight; depressed sad people gain weight or lose so much weight they become unhealthy. It's just better to be happy.

Today was great. I started the day by going to a new church and praying for direction and balance in my life. Afterwards I returned home just long enough to change clothes and hit the gym. I did my circuit training because it doesn't take as long and leaves me actually being stronger which feels real good to me. I like being strong and have great stamina. My training certainly helped me enjoy my Yellowstone vacation. I was ready and willing to go on any hike. This vacation was much better than my last trip to Paris where I was very out of shape and restricted in movement. Tuesday is my next gym day, but I think I will be helping a friend move tomorrow and everyone knows that's a bitch regardless of your shape.

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