Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day after Synvisc One injection

Yesterday I went to the orthopedic surgeon and received the Synvisc One injection. The gel like substance temporarily replaces or helps the remaining cartilage protect bone on bone arthritis.  

As I lay there on the table he told me it would sting a little. I thought he was talking about some kind of numbing agent. No, I didn't look up to see what he was doing until he started to inject this rather large and long needle into my knee. It felt as if he went all the way in between the bones of my knee and injected fluid. It hurt like hell. I guess if he would have said, "this is going to hurt like hell," I might have flinched or something.

Instead I took the pain and he popped out the needle in a few seconds and said, "There we go. We're done." "What?," I replied. The procedure was done. He told me I could walk on it, but no exertion until maybe Thursday afternoon at the earliest. I was planning on going to the gym on Friday afternoon to take this new gel for a spin.

Yesterday I walked to the car okay and drove myself to CarToys to pick up a new blue tooth and I could barely get out of my car by the time I reached my house. I iced it and just took it easy. Like I had a choice. Today I am walking on it with soreness, but not crippling pain. I can even go up the stairs okay, but coming down hurts like I'm stretching my ligaments to the brink. I'll take it easy for the rest of the day and I imagine if the percentage of pain goes down respectively than I'll feel pretty good tomorrow and ready to roll by Friday.

We'll see.

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