Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weight loss progress

I'm a very impatient person to a fault. I'm also a competitive person to a fault. So, it's very hard to resist the urge to lose weight like crazy. I mean starve myself into skinny jeans, but that is exactly what got me to this point.

This time I have been diligent about losing weight slowly but surely. While I was in the nursing home in January I am pretty sure they initially scaled me in at 429 and then 421. I must have weighed more when I was admitted into the hospital at the beginning of January, but I don't know.

Whatever the case was, I didn't eat anything except for fruit. I wasn't trying to starve myself, I was just that sick and the food tasted horrible. In mid-February my scale, which only goes to 400, finally started to show my weight. 399 and then 390 by the end of the month. I took that start and became determined to lose no more and no less than 10 pounds per month. There have been a couple of months that I think I only lost 8 pounds.

Nonetheless, I scaled in a 312.4 this morning. I don't have any cravings and I feel as if I can make my big goal of 299 or less by the middle of November at the absolute latest. That would be one and a half months earlier than my annual goal.  

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