Friday, October 11, 2013

My struggle with obesity today

Hello. Thanks for dropping by. This could be a very good day as I have a "second opinion" mechanic coming by to check on my son's car. I think it needs a new head gasket and some coolant tube exchange work. We'll see. Fingers and wallet crossed.

As anyone know if they have checked my progress site, I had a bad 2012 as far as great weight loss followed by horrible weight gain. I fell into a deep depression and life's stresses went through the roof and I gained massive weight, but, no excuses, I screwed up big time.

However; I lost a lot of weight when I was in the hospital and then the nursing home in January 2013 and since then I have held steady and have lost 8 to 10 pounds consistently per month. Today I scaled in at 309.6. I can't even remember when I was this weight before. Considering I started the year at 400++, I feel pretty good.

And I have been able to withstand another major depression and some current mania. Considering that it is only the 11th of October and my weight is starting to shed once again, it is completely possible that I could hit 299 by the end of the month.

But, I would still be happy if I hit 299 or less by the end of November. At the beginning of March I told myself that this was the year I was going leave the 300's behind. And now I'm looking right down the barrel of 280 to 285 by New Year's. I could actually reach 270 by my birthday on March 19. That would be the best present ever!

One side note: If you goggle massive weight loss photo's it pretty disgusting. Maybe it's my age or maybe it's the slower consistent weight loss, but my extra skin doesn't even look that nasty. My skin seems to be keeping up with my weight loss. A little flabby under the arms, but I think I can compensate for that in the gym. On Tuesday I get the knee injections that should hold back my arthritis for six months. In that time I can hike and run all I want. I don't think I'll have much of this loose skin thing.

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