Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The United States Federal Shut Down is KILLING ME!

Okay. I only have about ten minutes or so to vent. I HATE THIS FEDERAL SHUT DOWN!

This is my situation as you may know if you follow my blog regularly. Uhg. I've re-written this stupid post three times.

The short version: I'm smart. Before 2001 I had maybe three different employers, each of which I was either upper management or the CEO. I was an extremely successful businessman since I was 19. I graduated college Sum Cum Laude (nearly straight A's). I won fellowships and scholarships both of my master's programs. I couldn't afford my PhD program.  

I had my first major bipolar episode(s) in 2001 when I tanked my dot com company. Since 2001 I've barely held non-supervisory positions in maybe ten companies. In 2007 I had to leave my last job. In 2008 I had my worst bipolar/psychotic episode and I haven't been able to hold a paying job since.

I won my mental health social security disability claim on July 17, 2013. Many psychiatrists, including State psychiatrists and therapists and the judge agreed that I am no longer able to hold any job. I have also had five bipolar related suicides in my family, so everyone, including the judge just wants me to take care of myself.

I was supposed to receive my disability award letter 60 days after the court award and I have still not received it so I am not collecting social security and I won't until 30 to 60 days after I receive my award letter. Everyday the gov't is shut down equates to a week of backlog.  

Don't get me wrong. Filing for disability was the worst day of my life. I had to recognize that I couldn't work anymore. It was hard. Very hard. BUT, I'm writing books now in hopes of pulling myself out of disability, but, in the mean time, I NEED THE GOV'T TO GET BACK TO WORK!


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