Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday September 13th, 2010 - Writing my butt off

I wish that were true. If only I could actually write my butt off, rather, I need to be more diligent about time management so I can find more exercise opportunities. I did work up a great sweat flying through my Monday housework. That has to count for something. Tomorrow is my gym day. I will have to do a quick circuit loop. And I will have to seriously reduce my calories. The challenge here is that I forget to eat when I'm writing. There is always one more idea I need to write down out of fear that I will.... what was I saying?

What ends up happening when I do remember to eat is that I run to the frig and eat whatever is the easiest and quickest. That usually ends up being unhealthy or real healthy and too much healthy. At least I did get the hike in on Saturday. Tomorrow will be a challenge between dropping off my wife at work on the other side of the world in the morning and then the orthodontist in the afternoon and then dinner.  Well, at least the women in the house will be out tomorrow evening and I can throw some boy food in the oven. I have my eyes on a southwest vegetable mix. It's actually rocks with jalape├▒os and a touch of sour cream. You know I hate milk and raw milk is downright dangerous, but I still love cheese and a touch of sour cream. It's still vegetarian so it's on my diet.

So, anyway, I'll have to deal with tomorrow and still push out two articles. I've already started one about online simulation training for creating in-office crowns. Dental crowns. Anyway, this is the link to today's article on Christian online learning.  

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  1. You keep on writing bro, I hear typing burns like 100 calories per 8 hours, so keep clacking!