Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday September 15th, 2010 - Ambitious hump day

Just for a change I am going to make a small post in the morning. Let's start with s status report then glide into weight loss. I am fairly house bound today. If I do need to go anywhere I can ride my bike. I should probably go for a ride this afternoon anyway. My poor bike hasn't been ridden for weeks.

I'm stuck at home because my wonderful lovely BMW needs a whole new radiator. A few weeks ago I was picking up Bobby from school and as I neared our neighborhood the radiator stated spewing fluid everywhere. I was only a few blocks from my house and the temp gauge was okay so I drove it home. By the time I reached the house the gauge started shooting up to HOT. I opened the hood and thought "wow, my hose came loose." So I waited until after the engine had cooled and I saw that part of the connecting neck was broke off as well. The BMW has a closed high pressure system that needs all of its parts. In the end, the whole radiator needs to be repaired at a whopping cost of $600 something. With the seasonably slow art business and my new job with the Examiner, I decided that being without a car would be fine for a while.

I am not going to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver today because I basically quit Wednesdays, but I will work grand openings and special idea box events. I decided I needed the time to write. And then there is the car thing, but that's only temporary. I needed my Wednesdays back. I'll be volunteering for two openings in October so all is well.

So here I sit broken hearted, thought I'd %#*, but only farted. Ever read that on the bathroom stall? I'm just being silly. I don't know whether I have fully woken up yet.

Today I want to write two articles for the Examiner and maybe one for Ezine and then I want to work on the book. Hopefully I will have time to paint. I have a painting stuck in my mind that won't go away until I paint it. It will be a slight deviation from my normal, but perfect for the season. If you want to see my artwork and photography go to The one shown above is called "Fury."

So on to the diet. I will be making slow cook beef stew. I will be stuck with the vegetables, but I can still put a bit of cheese on them. I just ate oatmeal and toast. For lunch I'll probably have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I will find some time and some way to get my heart rate up for at least 30 minutes. Maybe I'll mow the lawn. That would do it and I would get rid of one of my weekend chores.

I haven't talked about bariatric surgery for awhile, but my wife's friend at work is all over it. I just can't alter my body like that. Obviously some people must do it or die, but I'm very large and very fit and very happy. I do not need surgery. I don't think it would be a very good idea because of all the bipolar meds I take. Sure wouldn't want to bipolar and starving. I'll probably make another post later today and then we can see how well I did. 

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