Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday March 26th, 2011 - Fat be gone!

SO yesterday I wrote about why I was fat and about bariatric surgery. Today I would like to talk about the whole picture, but do it as quickly as I can because finishing the book is the most sustainable thing I can do to earn the four thousand dollars for my surgery and to earn money for plastic surgery as my loose skin needs to be removed.

Somehow having Chronic lymphocytic leukemia or CLL is less urgent than having my liver die. So I have recommitted myself to eating for health and exercising for comfort and mobility. This will be my path until I can get the surgery. 

I don't even want to say how heavy I am right now because it is disgusting and embarrassing. Shit. Okay. I'll tell you. In June 2009 when I started this blog I weighed about 360. Then I went vegan and exercise crazy and lost 45 pounds. Then, regardless of my vegan diet, my body adjusted and I started to gain weight back which discouraged me to no end. I then weighed 350 pounds again. Then I tried vegetarian with seafood which only led to my down fall into eating... well everything and I gained more weight. I was then 360-370 because I was afraid to step on the scale.

Recently I started going to a hypnotherapist which was good for stress and guilt therapy, but did not help me curb my cravings. At least not yet. There was a whole process that included the hypnosis and the Gabriel method and exercise and prayer and I didn't do it. I guess I was waiting for the hypnosis to help me not crave sugar and cheese. I knew I had reached 380 and that is where I thought I was, but yesterday I weighed in at 414. 

My wife commented that there is no way I could have gained that much weight that quickly, but I did. I could blame it on chemistry or a dozen other things, but the bottom line is that I ate maybe twice what I should have and my body loved it. The whole liver damage has never been explained to me as well as this new doctor explained it and I am fairly convinced that my CLL is not as urgent as my NASH  (Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis) is going to ruin me. It is time to watch everything, exercise and earn the money I need for surgery. Hopefully I can get the surgery within this year, but I will continue to watch my diet until then.  


  1. Hi Obesity Warrior,
    All the best for your surgery. And do it as soon as possible. 414 is too enough. and try to diet control until then. You can take some Green Tea and you can follow my website.

  2. Yeah, I get that. See the new post from March 29, 2011. And thanks about the green tea, but I already drink green tea. Here's a weird one that my relatively thin wife is trying. She takes a shot glass of Apple Vinegar after dinner. It is supposed to help digestion. I am waiting to see if it also causes acid reflux.