Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st, 2011 - Book progress

Well, my eating is still a bit out of control. I'm not gaining weight, but I'm also not losing weight. I also need to re-schedule my hypno therapist. I have been feeling the financial pinch and I've been having troubles with my bipolar disorder.

Perhaps it's the time of year or the frequency of dead birthdays, but I have been feeling edgy and my emotions have been all over the place with no reason whatsoever. I'll just take my meds and work my way through this.

We have been having our new windows installed, so I've had to stick around the house, but they are done today so I should be able to start hitting the gym again. That seems to be the key. If I feel strong it's easier to stick to the weight loss routine. So, I'll give myself a break and worry about it tomorrow. Seriously, Wednesday the second.

Oh yes, I have put writing my book as a top priority. First, I think it's a good book and second, it is the clearest path towards sustainable income. I know. So many authors never get published. Well if I can't find a publisher in the first month after I have completed the manuscript, I will self publish and advertise the crap out of it. When you publish online, your book can be sold at amazon, barnes and noble, ect... However, if you want to publish hardcovers, then it will cost you. If I have to I will first publish as an ebook and then use the proceeds to publish hard copies. Or, I could submit it to the publishers that I already know. This isn't quite their cup of tea, but I'm optimistic that they will help me find the appropriate publisher. Either way, my book will get published.

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