Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday April 18th, 2010 - Heatstroke

Friday was a good day. I started out the day with an early trip to the gym. Then I went and picked up my mom and went back to the gym. I know. Pretty boring. Saturday I ran errands.

Today was glorious outside so I went for a ride to downtown Denver and back. I went by myself so I just took it easy and enjoyed the ride. I was pacing myself so I could make it back. There were a lot of riders today, but not so many that it interfered with my ride.

When I took my break downtown I met this young local band that had just played the night before at the Gothic. Pretty good gig. They had their makeup on and seemed a little aloof, but i struck up a conversation and it turns out that they were very polite and engaged in our conversation. They were there waiting for a photo shoot. The band's name was Bad. They have a website at . We had exchanged email and so forth because they wanted to see my dad's work. I listened to their MP3's on their site and they are pretty damn good.

The ride back was exhausting and hot. When I got home I was sweaty and a little nauseous. Cheri and I had to go to the artwork storage and take photos of these three beautiful Plexiglas and film strip pieces we own. The Smithsonian wants to take a closer look because they want to acquire more art that is connected to my dad's installation "Shutter Interface." They already have the four projector installation up and running full time. By the time we were done I was really feeling odd. Spacey and more nauseous. I had drank a ton of water, gaterade, and some tea. We picked up some more ice water at the gas station across the street, but I still felt bad. I didn't think I had heat stroke because I had drank a lot of water on the bike ride and I was sweating, however, I did get a lot of sun.

When we came home I laid down for a bit and still didn't feel much better, so I looked up heat stroke on the internet and I'm pretty sure that's what was wrong. My core temperature had to have been real high because it is still at 100 and I finished my ride 6 hours ago. I think I'm pretty much under control so I don't want to go to urgent care, but I probably would have had we taken my temp after the ride. I do feel a bit sunburned as well. I still had a great ride.

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