Friday, August 12, 2011

AWESOME First Post-Op Appointment LOST 24 Pounds in two weeks!

I've been hitting the gym everyday since Tuesday I think. Trying to fill one hour workout. Today I rode the stationary bike for one mile (still a little chaffed), walked a mile on the indoor track and played basketball. 

I'm eating well. I tried some grilled skinless chicken (1/4 cup) last night. No problems and felt full the whole night. The whole not drinking liquids for 45 minutes during and after dinner is a piece of cake. Today I ate tuna salad (80 calories!) and it was fine. As long as you chew well and only eat 1/4 cup or 2 ounces, this thing works fine.

Today I went into my first post op appointment and it went well. I officially lost 24 pounds since the pre-op appointment on July 29th. I have also healed well enough that Dr. Tillquist went ahead and gave me my first port fill injections. First he numbed the area about the port and then I didn't feel a thing. I can feel that the aperture is narrower, but it feels fine and liquid is flowing well. 

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