Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perhaps more realistic goals beyond bariatric surgery

Although I worked out pretty good yesterday, I might have had too many roasted salted almonds which kicked up my water retention. At any rate, my weight stagnated and I'm not ready to accept that quite yet. I know there will be a week real soon where I will only lose maybe 4 pounds, but that's still 16-17 pounds in a month. Today I will go back to liquid boost for breakfast and lunch and a regular 2oz dinner. And only clear water today.

I need more realistic expectations. I can't possibly support losing a pound a day. So by the end of this month, I want to reach 370 pounds, but lets say I only lose enough to be 375 by September 1st. Then I will try to lose 15 pounds in September and in October so that on November 1st, I want to weigh 345. Then lets say I do a blitz and get down to 335 by the time I have to fly to NYC (Nov 22). I have to give a keynote address for an exhibition so that would be awesome. I go to NYC at least once a year and it is normally in November. I'm pretty sure I weighed well over 400 last year. My NYC friends will be amazed.

At that rate I should be around 320 by the end of the year. That's a full 15 pounds more than my previous prediction. It's still a massive amount of weight. I have been "bathing" in special lotion at least three times a day to keep my skin as healthy and as moist as possible to try to shrink it up naturally. I also bought a surgical waist wrap that is supposed to hold everything in place like organs. I am going to use it to support the fat that in hanging below my belt line. Of course, it is like 52 inches so it will be a bit before I can use it.

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