Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'M HOME!!!! The surgery went GREAT!!!

Just a short note because I want to go through all of the details later. And I made a video of myself in the recovery room. You are not going to believe it. The nurse that helped with the surgery is a patient herself. She had the lapband surgery two years ago and she's lost 175 POUNDS. She looked awesome!

My surgery started at exactly 7:30am as scheduled. I'm not completely sure how long it lasted, but I was in and out in the recovery room for about two and a half hours. I was supposed to be out an hour earlier, but I was taking a great nap! I went into the next recovery room where my wife was and stayed in bed for another hour.

I felt fine and my wounds looked great so they let me walk around and then they discharged me. I believe I got home around 2:30pm I was able to walk around including stairs with only a little bit of discomfort. The most painful spot was where they installed the fill port because it goes between skin and muscle and it was on TOP of my spleen!

I am just taking Oxycodone, but twice as much as I normally take. I had trouble urinating for about a half hour and then I went to sleep in my own bed. I slept for another two hours and then was woken up by a surprise visit from my in-laws who live in Booneville, Arkansas. And I was able to urinate.

As I write I am drinking a "Boost" chocolate protein drink very slowly and I will take another pain pill because I am a bit uncomfortable and I don't want to be "a lot" uncomfortable later. That's it for now. Thanks for visiting and pass my info to friends and family that are curious about the lapbad. I will also make a short entry onto the new website .


  1. ...Well done Chris!!! I've been following your blog. We have alot in common as in Bipolar, Super Obese, and I am 11 days post op. Banded Monday July 25th, 2011. I started my walking regime on Monday...doing well so far. Another 4 days on nourishing fluids/puree fruit and home made soup thin enough to drink thru straw, then onto moist/semi solids next Monday... oh I look forward to that! Lost 1.9 kg so far since I weighed on my own scales last more than likely lost more since my op. Anyway...all the best on your journey as I will continue checking in on ya!!!

  2. Thank you Mrs PRN. I'd love to keep in touch with your progress as well. ~ Christopher