Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ridiculus weight loss

Rocky Mtns. '09 vegan diet 315 pounds
Weight loss recap to date: July 29th 2011 "in-office" weight with clothes on 413. Post-op "At home" benchmark without clothes set at 400 on August 5th (after four days of liquid diet). You could probably add 5 pounds for difference between doctor's scale and home scale. We'll get that calibration on Friday when I visit Dr. Tillquist. According to my "at-home" digital scale I weigh 391 this morning.

The big question is "Where does the fat go?" The short answer is that your body converts the calories stored in fat cells (and muscle) into useable energy.

The long answer: Ultimately most fat ends up as carbon dioxide and water, but only after many transformations. The fat in white adipose tissue consists of fatty acids, stored very efficiently as triglycerides, which can be released to provide energy when needed. You lose weight when the food you eat doesn’t provide all the energy your body needs and so some of these fatty acids are released into the bloodstream, transported by a special blood protein and taken up by cells that need energy. If there is sufficient oxygen available, a series of enzymes then converts the fatty acids into carbon dioxide, water and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – the immediate source of energy for powering muscle, liver and other cells. Since most of the components of ATP are reused inside the cell to make new ATP, the end product of all this activity is that the atoms that once made up your fat leave your body as breath, sweat and urine.

Bottom line: I need to bump up the exercise.

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