Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 3 after bariatric surgery

Special Heavyweight Scale
Last Friday, during my pre-op visit to the surgeon I weighed 413 pounds. This morning, on my scale, I weighed 400 pounds. I couldn't use my scale before because it only went up to 400. So this is good that I have an at home base weight. The scale I use is a high quality digital so I trust it, but I took my weight before I ate breakfast and without clothes so it is going to be a bit off. But, it is my base lien and I will try to take my weight under the same conditions each time.

Yesterday afternoon to evening the five incisions really hurt, but none were extra red and hot so I don't think that they are infected. I have to keep an eye on that. The first day I drank three 12oz bottles of Boost protein drink, but I was only supposed to drink one cup at a time which is 8oz so yesterday I only drank two of the bottles. I can definitely feel the funnel effect, but nothing has gotten stuck or backed up yet.

If I stick to the rules, backups or clogs shouldn't happen. If they do, I should first give it time to melt or slip through. Maybe a small sip of water and if those things don't work, I'll just spit it up. You don't want to get into the habit of spitting up because it can make the band slip out of place and, if it becomes common, then your teeth enamel will start wearing down and you can quickly develop tooth decay and gingivitis.

Yesterday my stomach muscles were also sore and it started raining, so I let my grocery shopping trip be my exercise. Today I will take a walk and maybe go to the Douglas County Fair where my cousin Bobby is working.

I received the New Life chew-able cherry flavored bariatric lap band vitamins and they taste horrible. For now on I'm going to chew them lightly and swallow as fast as I can. I'll also keep something good to drink to cut the nasty. I also received a bottle of probiotics for digestion and good pooping. I haven't pooped since Tuesday, but it's not that big of a deal yet since my body is still trying to figure out where the food is. I also got a sample bottle of hair and nail supplements. One of the biggest complaints about the surgery is that you lose hair for about three months while your body adjusts. I think these packets will help avoid that all together. They also sent a sample protein peanut butter bar and some easy to chew baked potato chips and a dry protein mix in a fill-able bottle if you find yourself away from your normal food supply

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  1. Ha ha...the chewable multi-vitamins do taste yucky. My dietian recommended sustagen with fibre, hospital formula. Not sure if u get it over there? I am in Perth, Western Australia. But its got all the nutrients and fibre helps with the bowels coz I didn't go for 4 days post op.