Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day of surgery instructions

Tomorrow is the day of my surgery. Today I feel as if I have been waiting in line for two hours to get on a roller coaster ride. As the coaster pulls into the loading area, butterflies prevail and I am wondering how this coaster stays on the tracks. If I were afraid of flying which I am not, it be would be as if I were about to take off. I'm really more excited than scared. Actually, I don't feel scared at all. Maybe I should be, but I am not. 

I will be at the hospital at 5am; precisely 2 1/2 hours before surgery (7:30am). Today I am on a liquid only diet; not a clear liquid diet so I can drink instant breakfast drinks or products like Ensure up until mid-night, but I will try to only have three today. The rest of the day will be clear liquids by choice. Between 12am and 3am I may drink clear liquids. Absolutely nothing four hours before surgery. I will take my morning dosages of my normal medication around mid-night. 

According to the directions from my anesthesiologist, on the day of the surgery, I am not supposed to take any medications that require food or milk; no oral diabetic meds; glucophage?; diuretics (water pills), OR anticoagulants. The only one of these restrictions that even applies to me is the water pills and I took one today so I won't need one tomorrow anyway. I AM supposed to take my other meds, particularly my pain meds (Oxycodone).

"Sleeping man" by Ron Mueck
When I arrive at 5am an IV will be placed and... I'm not sure why I have to be there two and a half hours early. I have already had my pre-admittance and pre-op appointment on Friday, but it seems to be normal procedure. Again, the surgery will take one to one and a half hours if they don't have any complications. After the surgery I will be in the recovery room for another one and a half hours. I will be allowed to eat ice chips and I should be able to walk around the hall before they discharge me. I'm sure that I will sleep most of the rest of the day after I get into my own bed.

Quick note about daily medication: After surgery I can only take medication that is less than the size of a peanut which means I will either get the liquid forms or split or crush them. Due to the limitations on drinking capacity, it may take me a long time to take all of my pills. 

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