Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21st, 2010 - my birthday weekend

Wow. 45. I can't even imagine this age. There is no way I am that old. It was only yesterday that I was 20. Seriously, three boys later and 25 years of marriage and I still don't feel any different. Maybe most people feel like they have all the answers, but I feel as if I have more questions than answers. I still think about the same things. Sex; food; and more sex. I'm really still 14. Actually I do identify with my 13 year old more than I identify with my 20 year old. He has all the answers and I have all the questions. It must be nice to think you have it all figured out... that is until you realize you don't know shit.

I started back on my diet, but had an 11am meeting with all of my siblings to consider what to do for my mom's 70th birthday. I will be the first to admit that I got wrecked. That doesn't exactly fit into the revitalized diet. Oh well, it was my birthday weekend. Tomorrow will be better. This morning I weighed in at a straight 320. Bummer, but okay figuring that my body isn't storing excess fat. I'm ready to lose some serious weight. I really haven't slept enough so today was fine. I needed to catch up or I risked mania. Better to keep both feet on the ground.

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