Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday March 13th, 2010 - Weight Train

You can feel it in the air. You can feel it against your face. Sunshine and the warmth of spring. March is supposed to be the snowiest month of the year for Colorado, but the snow storms are quickly erased by the warmth of the spring. One day it will snow and the next, it will be a sunny 70 degrees. That differs from the winter up until now because all the dirty snow and ice just builds up from one storm to the other.

Soon, actually as soon as my knee is able, it will be time start riding the road bike. I'm looking forward to silently slice through the air down the wooded Bear Creek trail as it ends while the Platte river trail begins. I'm looking forward to the exhaustion of the Morrison to downtown Denver and back. My typical 34 mile wrap around.

I'm also looking forward to challenging over night hiking in the rocky mountains. There are lots of goals and aspirations for the hot summer. Admittedly, my weight has stagnated during the winter. At least I didn't gain back substantial weight. I'm 319 right now which is just a touch away from October's low of 314. Before June I shall certainly be less than 290. That would be 70 pounds in a year. And, 166 pounds less than November 2007. If I maintain the trend I will be 230 by June 2011. I could push it, but I would still be happy back down in the lower 200's. I'm about to turn 45, so I will be down to 200 while I am 46. That makes me smile... BIG SMILE. It took years to hit 456, so this is all good. Of course, it would be nice to average 15 pounds less each summer month. I'm ready.

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