Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday March 25th, 2010 - Bleeding Heart

Today I spent writing and helping my son with a report about Stalin. What a fun guy? Do you know that if you count the man-made famine that he created when he socialized farming, he actually murdered more people than Hitler and Pol Pot combined. Somewhere upwards of 20 million. He was so paranoid he just killed everyone and anyone who found out the first killing. He told his army that the second line of soldiers were to shot the front line soldiers if they ran or retreated from the Germans. They used to call him "Pocky" when he was a child because he had facial scars from having had small pox. He was born a poor child in a little town in Georgia and he ended up controlling a world power. He was ruthless, brutal, and someone you simply never wanted to meet. Heaven help you if you were an intellectual. Anyway, I could go on. International Security was my discipline of study in Grad School (Before my M.Ed.). I have a thing for political science.

So today was non eventful except for some fun writing. I'm having some select friends read the first chapter of my book. I want to make sure I have made my character enduring enough to last through all the stupid shit he ends up doing.

Yesterday, I painted this bleeding heart after bouncing a few ideas off of a friend who is adjusting to the single life again. I'm going to attempt to capture my psychotic episode freak from 2008. It will be as dark as I can get. If I do it right, it should give ME nightmares.

Vegan diet is going fine, but I am getting tired of eating alternate meals while everyone else enjoys meat and cheese. Nah, don't care about the meat, but I would like some cheese and vegan cheese is kind of nasty. I think I will be able to ride my bike next week. The knee is still sore, but feeling better. We'll see. I'm anxious to start cardio again.


  1. I could probably do the no meat thing for a few weeks -- but no cheese, I'm sorry, but "Oh the humanity!"

    I'm so glad (not the best word here) to read what you wrote about Stalin. I once made such a commennt on a college paper, many, so many years ago, and was marked down for being so "ill informed."

    Hope all is well with you and your family. If you feel so inclined, visit one of my blogs or

    Best of luck. I know you don't need "luck." You've got it : )

  2. The statements made about Stalin were reinforced by at least five credible sources. The man was an animal.

    Anyway, I'll check out your blogs. Thank you for visiting and commenting.