Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17th, 2011 - READY TO GO: Surgery date July 11, 2011 !!!!!!

I just received the call from the surgeon's office! My insurance has authorized the surgery!

Important Dates:

  • Meet with Swedish Hospital on July 5th for pre-surgery blood draw and medical review. It will take at least one hour. Apparently, there is a lot of paperwork and review of my doctors notes.
  • Meet with Dr. Tillquist (surgeon) after I finish with the hospital on July 5th for final prep. It is at this time that I will pay the hospital $4500 and pre-pay the anesthesiologist $1080 and pre-pay the surgical assistant $270 (for reasons unknown, the assistant must be paid in cash or check).
  • SURGERY DATE : JULY 11, 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will find out the exact hour next week. It will be in the morning and I should be on my way home before evening!
At this point I have the $4500 in cash as well as the $270. I may have to use my credit card for the $1080, but it is a green light. It is going to actually happen. I'm so excited I could eat an entire cheese cake! (kidding) Actually, now that it is real I am going to hit the gym everyday (starting Monday) and try to lose a good 10 pounds before the surgery. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))

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