Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday June 21st 2011 - A better way to fund bariatric surgery!

I thought I was all set, but my financial plan needed the sale of two cemetery plots that I thought I had closed, but, on Father's Day, the elderly couple's grown children told them not to worry about pre-planning. Someone else could buy the plots, but I can't rely on that payment by July 5th when I need to pay the hospital. 

I could use my credit cards or a personal loan, but I decided to try a different route to close my $3000 gap. I have listed my loan request on which facilitates "peer to peer" investments. The idea is that any site registered investor could go to my request and invest as little as $25 or more towards funding my loan request. The collective investments will quickly fund my request in days. 
Unlike micro-loans, peer to peer loans generate a strong return on their investment. It's really a smart way to help out a friend without all the personal crap.

My loan request is for : This loan will be used to... prepay balance of $3,000 from a $16,000 Realize Band surgical procedure on the 5th of July for the surgical procedure on July 11th, 2011. 

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