Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19th, 2011 - Bipolar panic attack

I really have no idea why this happens other than to say that it is a symptom of my bipolar disorder. About a month ago I had several unexplained panic attacks. They happen the same as today's did.

You'd think I was happy about father's day and the surgery approval. Plus, yesterday I went with my wife and 20 year old son to Breckenridge Colorado to tour the Country Boy Gold Mine. It was awesome. I should post some pictures. I will definitely post on my facebook account. You can become my "friend" if you add a note that you are a lose250 blog reader. I think you can find me as Christopher Sharits (Lakewood Colorado) or by my email address After the long tour into the bowels of this picaresque rocky mountain we panned for gold. Cheri and Jeff found gold. Well, some flakes.

So anyway, I've had a great weekend and there was no reason to have a panic attack. It happened in the grocery store. I do almost all of the shopping, but today I had my wife with me. It was only a $100 trip and I was finding everything I needed on my list. All was good and then in the laundry soap isle I started to sweat. By the end of the next isle my heart rate shot up and I started to lose my breath. I told my wife we had to hurry and get home because I didn't have any lorazepam with me.

Everything became, well I think I was hyperventilating, so everything looked bright and flashy. I could hardly mask my distress. We got out to the car and I was nearly in tears. My wife tried to talk my off of the ceiling and I got back to the point where I was just hyperventilating. I slowed my breathing and we made it home. I got a huge glass of ice water and took two lorazepam. I sat and tried not to show my emotions because I knew I was irritable and could easily transfer my distress towards someone else who obviously didn't deserve it. I chilled in my bed and fell asleep until dinner. Now I feel better, but I still feel as if I was in a marathon.

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