Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday July 29th 2011 - This mornings pre- admissions appointments

The surgery looms closer. And yes, I am still excited. And yes, I know eating is going to suck... forever, but I'll get used to it because I have to. It's simple for me. What was a desire is now a necessity for life.

Swedish Medical Center Colorado
This morning I am going in for a 10am pre-admission testing appointment. I do know that I will be giving another blood lab and an EKG and lots of paperwork. My surgeon's office said that the appointment could last as long as two hours so they must be doing something else. I'll let you know exactly what happened this weekend when I write about my first week's diet.

Dr. Richard Tillquist
Directly after my appointment with Swedish Medical Center, I will be headed over to my surgeon's office for a pre-op physical and medical history review with Dr. Tillquist.

The hospital and my surgeon require payment in full before the date of the surgery. That day is today. Here is a quick review of the charges (in USD):

  • Hospital surgical charges = $9,000 ($4,500 from my health insurance and $4,500 from me)
  • Surgeon's fee = $3,000 ($3,000 from my health insurance)
  • Anesthesiologist = $1,080 after $900 discount for paying in advance ($1,080 from me)
  • Surgical Assistant = $270 after a $200 discount for paying in advance ($270 from me)
If I didn't have insurance, the total amount for the entire surgery would be at least 40% higher. My insurance has contractual agreements to pay only a certain amount for each part of the surgery.

This evening will be my last full meal. On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday my meal have to be super lite and then on Tuesday, the day before surgery, I am only allowed to have liquids.

Finally, on Wednesday August 3rd I have to be at the hospital to start my IV at 5:30am. My surgery is scheduled for 7am or 7:30am. It should last about an hour and, if everything goes well, I could be on my way home by mid-afternoon.

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