Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday July 7th 2011 - Financing the bariatric surgery

Try as I might, after two more auto repairs and a laptop repair, I'm not 100% sure that I will have the $6,000 on time for my July 20th appointment with the surgeon, so I have elected to accept the $3000 medical loan with the high origination fee. It comes with a "First year interest free" payback clause, so I should be able to dodge the 19% interest rate. I really don't need the full $3,000 but I wanted to have some money left in savings in case something else breaks. Of course, I always have credit cards, but I don't like to carry more than a collective $500 of credit card debt.

Based on the amount of paperwork and verification needed by the finance company, I believe that Medical Financing dot com usually makes loans for much higher amounts. I received via email a loan application with about six pages of gobbly gook. Not only do I have to provide proof of income and two forms of identification for both my wife and I, I also had to have our signing of the financing agreement notarized. I should be able to file the application tomorrow if I can get a signature from the surgeon's office. 

Of course, as soon as I receive the loan, the sale of our extra grave plots will close. At the very least I can pay off the medical loan early. Either way, I wanted to guarantee that I would have enough for the surgery by July 20th. I'm sure that if I had to raise $12,000 I would have found a way. I know this because God has always given us just what we need; never more and never less.

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