Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday July 5th. 2011 - Independence Day weekend

The July 4th US Independence Day is full of BBQ's, picnics, family, friends, and fireworks. Yesterday, the weather in Denver Colorado was smoking hot. I believe it was in the mid-90's and the sun was blazing down until around 4PM when some welcomed clouds appeared.

My brother was initially going to have a relatively small BBQ at his house, but some more people got invited and he decided to have it at Delaware Park in Littleton. The park was hosting a huge fireworks display so there were at least a thousand people with picnic blankets and overhead tents. Children were running freely between the families. Frisbee's and footballs were being thrown around all over the park. We had about 20 people in our group.

My brother had brought his huge gas grill to our spot and we had hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwursts, baked potatoes, broccoli salad, chips, soda, beer, and a 40th anniversary cake for my parents, plus someone brought a cherry pie. Out of those I had a bratwurst, broccoli salad, iced tea, and then I had cake. 

The fireworks were great as usual, but my wife complained of stomach pains when we were finally headed to bed and then I woke up with an emergency diarrhea situation. After I was relieved I fell back to sleep. I still have a stomach ache, but it can't be from the BBQ. Actually, it could have been the mayonnaise. I'll have to compare notes with anyone else that got sick.

As I was sitting watching my cousins twins chow down on bottles I realized that this would be the last 4th of July picnic where I could eat anything I wanted. And my second thought was GREAT! Still can't wait!

On a sad note; On July 8th 1993 a good friend of ours found my father, Paul Sharits, dead in bed in Buffalo New York. He had told his friends that he was heading to Toronto for the July 4th weekend with his girlfriend and then he cancelled with her because he said he was sick. So most people assumed he was taking a bit of a vacation when he was really committing suicide.

While he was found on the 8th, I think he started the process of overdosing on July 4th because it was his favorite holiday. He was 50. I mention this not only because I get sad between July 4th and July 8th, but also because it was one of the events in my life that caused some considerable weight gain.

Some people have strained relationships with their father's, but I did not. I was his only child and he treated me like an intelligent young man. I miss him deeply. He is a famous artist and filmmaker. He was also bipolar and an alcoholic. His work can be found at . Have a good week.

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